Core values and corporate information of Dunamu, the leader in the future of fintech and blockchain

Dunamu, where finance and technology meet

Presenting a new investment environment using blockchain and fintech, a global standard open to everyone

  • Top-tier developers and industry experts

  • Extensive business experience and knowledge

  • Sophisticated and secure IT infrastructure

  • Unparalleled user experience and reliable service operation

Creating a new future through challenges, innovation, and social responsibilities


6Disclosed the information security status of Dunamu

5Information Security Management System(ISMS) certifications obtained for Stockplus & Stockplus Unlisted

1‘Upbit Staking’ officially launched


12Launched Upbitcare(Upbit Investors Protection Center)

11Metaverse platform ‘2ndblock’ open beta launched

Launched NFT trading platform ‘Upbit NFT Beta’

ISO27701 certified for Upbit

10ESG Management announces USD100,000,000 investment

Dunamu becomes the first VASP registered in Korea

9UDC 2021 host

ISMS-P certified for Upbit

8Upbitcare(Upbit Investors Protection Center) campaigns ‘Responsible Digital Asset Investment Campaign’

1Launched Korea’s first ‘Digital Asset Fear and Greed Index’


12Listing fraud reporting channel opened

11UDC 2020 host

10Stockplus opens US Stocks Exchange service

4Stockplus Unlisted, designated ‘Innovative Financial Services’ by the Financial Services Commission

3Stockplus Unlisted 2.0 updated