Innovative, yet convenient for everyone

UpbitThe Most Trusted Global Digital Asset Exchange

Launched in October 2017, Upbit is the largest and the 1st licensed digital asset exchange in Korea which sets the global standard with the most transparent, user friendly, and secure trading environment.

Upbit is qualified in all security certification standards domestically by ISMS and also globally by ISO. Our mission is to provide the maximum level of investor security by operating Upbitcare center.

Upbit NFTKorea’s No.1 NFT exchange by Upbit

Launched in November 2021, Upbit NFT trading platform operates Drops, the first place to meet the creators’ crafts, and Marketplace which supports the transactions between the users.

Upbit NFT Marketplace showcases NFTs minted by creators from diverse fields and leads the future of blockchain technology, powered by Upbit’s impenetrable security fortress and convenient trading.

UBCIKorea’s First Cryptocurrency Index Service

Launched in May 2018, UBCI was the very first cryptocurrency index service by a Korean exchange which provided a standard index and market flow at a glance.

We offer market index ranging from KOSPI for broad trend predictions to specific and meticulous topics to help our investors make digital asset investment decisions.

Family ServiceLuniverseWorld’s First Consortium-based Blockchain Service

Dunamu’s subsidiary Lambda256 launched Luniverse in March 2019. Luniverse is the world’s first consortium-based blockchain service platform which allows the developers and corporations to easily adopt the blockchain technology.