ESG Management

Sustainable growth, future, and social responsibilities

Coexisting with various stakeholders
and fulfilling social responsibilities

  • In addition to building an intensive protection system for information and personal data, our vision is to lead a healthy investment culture and creating a trustworthy ecosystem of investment by operating Upbitcare.

  • As a blockchain and fintech industry leader, we support, share values, and grow with the startups to strengthen the industry ecosystem.

Investor Protection

We established and operate Upbitcare center to encourage a healthy digital asset investment culture.

We also provide educational contents to help users understand the digital asset ecosystem, guides on the types of investment fraud and how to prevent them, and a care program that includes psychological counseling for victims of online financial fraud.

Information security

We have set up and are operating a systematic response system for various factors, and a company-wide information protection management system based on risk management to protect information assets.

We have been recognized for our effective information security system and received domestic and international information protection-related certifications including ‘Personal Information & Information Security Management System (ISMS-P),’ ‘Information Security Management System (ISO27001),’ ‘Information Security Controls for Cloud Services (ISO27017),’ ‘Protection of Personally Identifiable Information in Public Clouds (ISO27018),’ and ‘Privacy Information Management (ISO27701).’

Supporting the blockchain ecosystem

Dunamu and Partners, an investment specialized subsidiary, invests in diverse companies to fulfill our mission of creating a blockchain & fintech ecosystem and supporting startups. Our investments to blockchain & fintech, AI & quality data, and technology & data contribute to strengthening of startup ecosystem.