ESG Management

Sustainable growth, future, and social responsibilities

Practicing organized ESG management
and social responsibility as an industry leader

KRW 240.3 billion (Since 2018)
Forest and Recovery
  • Disaster recoveries and forest restoration in regions affected by forest fires
  • ‘2nd forest’, a virtual forest, developed on Dunamu’s metaverse platform 2ndblock
  • Dunamu Green Leader, an education program for the future environmental leaders
  • ‘Dunamu Digital Healing Garden’ for the disabled people and fire department officials
Eco-friendly Blockchain
  • Issue low-carbon NFTs using ‘Luniverse’, an eco-friendly blockchain
Nurturing Talents
  • Project in pursuit of creating 10,000 jobs over 5 years
  • Donation to Seoul National University development fund and Korea University School of Cybersecurity
  • Industry investment support to invigorate the start-ups
  • Support of emerging talents and developmentally limited artists participating in NFT projects
Supporting the Underprivileged and the Youth
  • Blue Lighthouse Dunamu Scholarship, credict recovery project for the underprivileged college students
  • Operating ‘Dunamu Next’ series to support credit recovery and independence for the underprivileged youth
  • Work experience internships and start-up support for the youth in preparation for independence for a stable settlement to the society
  • Hosting ‘Upbit Pizza Day’ to support small business owners and donating the pizzas to the childcare facilities
  • Jojal Jojal Aijaram, a nationwide language development treatment for children in nursery schools
Investor Protection
Investor Protection and Education
  • Establish and operate Upbitcare Center
  • Allocated the proceeds from Luna transaction fees to investor protection efforts such as publication of Terra-Luna Crisis white paper and relief activities for the victims of digital asset crimes
  • Operating digital finance education program ‘Duniverse’ and sponsoring ‘Jangbogo Economy Class’
Emergency Relief
Emergency Relief and Culture & Sports
  • 2020~2021 COVID-19 spread prevention and damage recovery support (KRW 10.5 billion)
  • 2021~2023 Table tennis, track & field, and sports industry base expansion support (KRW 1.1 billion)
  • 2022.01 Support for the bereaved families of firefighters who died on duty at the Pyeongtaek fire site (KRW 300 million)
  • 2022.03 Donated disaster relief funds for areas damaged from forest fires in Samcheok, Gangwon-do Province (KRW 3 billion)
  • 2022.03 Food support for Ukrainian residents (KRW 1 billion)
  • 2022.08 Donated disaster relief funds for flood-stricken areas in the central region (KRW 2 billion)
  • 2023.03 Donated 14 Bitcoins with the Upbit users for Turkiye earthquake relief
  • 2023.04 Donated disaster relief funds for areas damaged from forest fires in Gangneung (KRW 500 million)
  • 2023.08 Donated disaster relief funds for flood-stricken areas (KRW 300 million)