Innovative, yet convenient for everyone

StockplusNo.1 Comprehensive Investment Platform in Korea

Stockplus is a comprehensive investment platform launched in February 2014 with aim of assisting the private investors to make rational investment decisions and providing a consolidated service for secure transactions.

Available on Stockplus are real time information on listed & unlisted securities, and digital assets, the capability to manage and trade on aggregated accounts supporting 11 securities firms, as well as communities for proven shareholders.

Stockplus UnlistedNo.1 Unlisted Securities Trading Platform in Korea

Stockplus Unlisted is Korea’s first unlisted securities trade platform launched in November 2019, providing an environment for a convenient and secure trade of startups with potential and unicorns.

Stockplus Unlisted provides the individual investors who were limited to investment due to data asymmetry with credible information regarding standard price, corporate information, IPO schedules, and opportunities to express opinions in confirmed shareholder groups.

Family ServiceMaplusFintech-based Discretionary Investment Management Platform

Maplus is an investment management platform operated by Dunamu Investment Management since October 2016, providing personal investors with professional asset managers' investment advice.