ESG Management

Sustainable growth, future, and social responsibilities

Contributing to the earth environment, social engagements, and sustainable lives of future generations through ESG management

  • We have instilled blockchain technology’s 3 fundamental principles of decentralization, distribution, and consensus in our ESG management core values to fulfill the decentralized protocol economy. Our ESG activities will reflect blockchain’s decentralization, security, transparency, and scalability.

  • Our mission is to provide equal information and education opportunities, and provide technology and our resources back to fuel the development of environment and society. Furthermore, our stature of company trust among all concerned parties are improving as a result of leading the industry standards and investment ecosystem.

Guiding the future generation with benevolent technology
and powerful finance


Creating sustainable values and enhancing social trust through environmental, social and responsible management, and transparent governance.

Directions &
Core assignments
Climate Change Action
  • Reinforcing environmental management system
  • Forest restoration on natural disaster affected sites
  • Global environmental initiatives
Technology and finance for win-win
  • Reinforced information security and investor protection
  • Nurturing blockchain talents and expanding social value-based technology
  • Supporting credit recovery and improving access to finance
Responsible management and transparent governance
  • Establishment of ESG-dedicated organization and implementation of responsible management
  • Practice of corporate ethics and reinforced internal control
  • Transparent disclosure of information

Sustainable growth driven by the ESG Management Committee


Our ESG Management Committee was organized in April 2022 with the goal of establishing and reinforcing execution of the ESG management policies. The ESG Management Committee is the top decision making organization within Dunamu which establishes a mid-long term strategic roadmap and monitors the performance of the approved goals.


The Committee consists of Dunamu’s management and external experts to achieve balanced decisions.

  • Chairman

    Chihyung Song
    Chairman, Dunamu

  • Vice Chairman

    Hyoungnyon Kim
    Vice Chairman, Dunamu

  • Commissioner

    Sirgoo Lee
    CEO, Dunamu

  • Commissioner

    Seunghyeon Nam
    CFO, Dunamu

  • Commissioner

    Jongheon Lim
    CLO, Dunamu

  • Commissioner

    Jihoon Lim
    CSO, Dunamu

  • Commissioner

    Minseok Jung
    COO, Dunamu

  • Commissioner

    Sangkyu Rho
    Professor, SNU

  • Commissioner

    Seungmin Ryu
    IOC Member, President of KTTA

  • Commissioner

    Jongsoo Yoon
    Partner, Lee & Ko

  • Commissioner

    Meekyung Lee
    CEO, K-Green Foundation

  • Commissioner

    Daiki Lim
    Brand Communication Specialist

  • Determine the direction of the ESG strategies and execute related activities

  • Review the potential risks of all ESG activities and respond to the consequences

  • Communicate with the concerned parties

  • Support the development and internalization of ESG competency for employees