ESG Management

Sustainable growth, future, and social responsibilities

Practicing fair and transparent ethical management
based on honesty and trust

  • Our mission is to set adequate decision making and ethical standards to reflect transparency in ethical management as well as improving moral standards for all employees.

  • Our public trust stature is improving among concerned parties with our code of ethics outlining staff ethics, fair competition and trade, respectful treatment of our clients and staff, and social ethics.

Code of ethics

Our aim is to set the direction of the management ethics mandatory for all employees, and establishing and practicing the code of ethics which prioritizes it.

We look forward to fulfilling our responsible management by improving trust stature among concerned parties and completing social responsibilities.

Whistleblowing system

Our internal compliance department operates a whistleblowing system to effectively carry out ethical management and internal control.

Any employee may anonymously report when witnessing acts of misconduct, and the reporter will not be subject to any disadvantages in status or discriminations in working conditions as a result.