ESG Management

Sustainable growth, future, and social responsibilities

Creating a more harmonious world with digital technology

  • By issuing NFTs adopting eco-friendly blockchain technology, we fulfill our environmental management harmoniously improving among humanity, nature, and social balance.

  • Our mission is to fulfill our social responsibilities in climate change and power consumption by expanding the use cases of eco-friendly blockchain technology Luniverse, developed by Dunamu’s subsidiary Lambda256, into the blockchain ecosystem.

Green NFT

Dunamu’s subsidiary Lambda256 has developed an eco-friendly and low-carbon emissions NFT issuing technology. This technology using blockchain cloud service Luniverse can mint NFT without mining virtual assets.

Luniverse adopted LPoA (Luniverse Proof of Authority) as a consensus algorithm to dramatically reduce the power consumption, providing an environment where anyone can easily issue low-carbon NFTs.

Power consumption by Luniverse

Majority of the NFTs minted today are produced and traded on the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum, which uses Proof of Work(PoA) during mining procedure and therefore consumes a large amount of electricity not only for the mining itself but also to cool the mining hardware.

Lambda256 allows low carbon emission blockchain transactions by providing Luniverse Proof of Authority(LPoA) which results in a drastic decrease in electricity consumption through it’s much more efficient consensus mechanism than older blockchain technologies.

In particular, Lambda256 has secured the reliability and objectivity of environmental data by conducting independent assurance on the power usage and greenhouse gas emission of Luniverse main net from DNV, a global assurance agency. It also strives to engage in various eco-friendly projects.

Comparison of Annual Power Consumption by Blockchains