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[Press Release] UDC 2018 Opens in Korea’s Jeju Island with Welcome Remarks from Dunamu Chairman


[Seoul, Korea – September 13, 2018] The inaugural Upbit Developer Conference 2018 (UDC 2018) opened today in South Korea’s Jeju Island with welcome remarks from Chi-Hyung Song, the founder and Chairman of Dunamu Inc.

After welcoming the attendees to the conference, Song shared his insight on the future of blockchain as both a developer and an entrepreneur. He stressed the central role developers will play in the mass adoption of blockchain through the creation of a successful mainstream service, while also emphasizing the need for strong regulatory support in order to grow the industry as a whole.

Song also outlined his vision for the Upbit crypto-asset exchange and Dunamu as a whole. While continuing to strengthen the exchange’s security, reliability and compliance, Dunamu will also focus on identifying and growing promising blockchain projects via its investment arm, Dunamu and Partners, and research arm Lambda 256. Song added that Dunamu will also support the ecosystem through events like UDC, which foster communities for blockchain platforms and DApp developers, and continue its evolution into a blockchain company.

Ontology founder and Onchain co-founder Jun Li presented the day’s second address, focusing on the importance of trust in taking blockchain mainstream. Li detailed various technologies Ontology offers to create trust within the blockchain environment, such as the Distributed ID and Data Exchange Framework and ONT ID which supports identity verification, various authentications, end-to-end data exchange, as well as user privacy protection.

UC Berkeley professor and Oasis Labs CEO Dawn Song delivered the final presentation of the morning. Song offered smart contracts as the ideal solution to various privacy issues faced by individuals and corporations, including the data silo effect and personal information protection. As an example, Song detailed how financial institutions could strengthen their individual security by combining their fraud detection capabilities through Oasis Labs’ privacy-preserving smart contracts.

The Upbit Developer Conference 2018 is one of the first major events dedicated to blockchain developers and continues until September 14. Day 2 speakers include Bill Shihara, CEO of Bittrex, Daniel Shin, Chairman of Terra and TMON, Hongfei Da, founder of NEO, and many other industry experts.