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[News] Upbit Developer Conference 2022 ends its two-day journey, gathering more 3,000 attendees

  • Celebrating 5th event this year, the first return as an offline event in three years since 2019
  • Gathered over 4,000 participants, including 1,000 in the pre-events and 3,000 attending the main event
  • Variety of events to experience blockchain…UDC stands out as Korea’s representative conference
  • Dunamu Chairman Chi-Hyung Song says "We will soon see Blockchain Generation"

[DUNAMU – September 25, 2022] The ‘Upbit Developer Conference (UDC)’, which was held as an offline event for the first time in three years in the aftermath of COVID-19, successfully wrapped up on September 23rd.

‘UDC 2022’, which marks its 5th event this year, has once again proved its status as Korea's leading blockchain conference by attracting more than 3,000 visitors over two days. Held at the Busan Port International Exhibition & Convention Center (BPEX), the UDC featured 50 expert speakers from home and abroad to share vision for the growth and development of the blockchain industry.

◆Dunamu Chairman Chi-Hyung Song said “We will soon see Blockchain Generation”

UDC 2022 kicked-off with an opening address delivered by Dunamu Chairman Chi-Hyung Song. Chairman Song envisioned that this ‘Crypto-winter’ will give way to new generation which is more familiar with blockchain technology.

Chairman Song said “Many people describe this downtrend as crypto winter, but it seems to be a metaphor that reflects loss and decline but as well as the hope for a rebound”. He added “Products that use blockchain technology and user’s verification are keys to overcome this winter”.

Chairman Song also reiterated that “It’s difficult to say how long this winter will last, but the end of this winter will give way to a completely different era”. He added “Perhaps we will see a generation who manages personal identity through token and more familiar with using digital wallets”. By which he means that digital asset transaction recorded on digital wallets can also work as wallet owner’s ID card.

◆UDC 2022, a venue to share future technology

Digital asset exchanges representatives from home and abroad took the stage to discuss the present and future of the travel rule. Travel rule is a regulation that requires VASPS to collect real names and information of the originator and beneficiary during digital asset transactions.

▲Shih Yun Chia, CEO of Verify VASP▲Sook Yee Cher, Chief Compliance Officer at FTX Singapore ▲Haeboong Lee, Head of Upbitcare at Dunamu ▲Tarik Erk, SVP Regulatory Compliance at Crypto.com featured a panel discussion on the travel rule and they all agreed that “Travel rule is a regulation that requires every layer of the industry to collaborate with one mind”.

Special events like exhibitions and NFT gallery made this year’s UDC even more meaningful. 29 blockchain related organizations set up promotional booths to showcase their technology and vision. To foster blockchain ecosystem growth, Dunamu fully funded costs for exhibition booths.

At the closing stage, Dunamu CEO Sirgoo Lee shared his hope by saying “Just as spring comes when winter passes, I believe spring will certainly come to the blockchain industry. I hope it will be a warm crypto spring when I see you again at the UDC event next year”.

Meanwhile UDC is a global blockchain conference hosted by Dunamu, designed to further expand the blockchain ecosystem. Since its first conference held in 2018, the UDC has transformed from a developer-centered meeting into Korea’s representative blockchain conference for every enthusiast interested in future technology.